Torridon Landscape Photography Workshops

Torridon is an area of incredible beauty and limitless possibilities for the landscape photographer. With rugged mountains, sweeping glens and beautiful lochs, Torridon there are a myriad of breathtaking views and no matter the weather, you’ll have beautiful to enjoy.

In this workshop there I will introduce you to many of the locations I’ve captured over the years. From lone Scots pines, to rustic ruins and amazing geological rock formations, we will cover everything from sweeping views to details in the landscape.

The course will cover various aspects of photography and will focus on a deeper understanding of the landscape and developing your vision for the final image. An important part of the workshop will be exploring and learning how light plays on the elements of form, texture and shape and how to use it effectively for the best image possible. Composition will be covered in considerable detail covering negative and positive space. Camera positioning will be covered and advanced depth of field methods will be explored.

Dates Availability Location Duration Price
Jan 17-19 Sold Out Torridon Weekend Fri-Sun £640 Sold Out
Dec (TBA) Spaces (Max 3 persons) Torridon Weekend Fri-Sun £640 Enquire

Typical views in Torridon (click the thumbnails)

Our days will compromise sunrise and sunset shoots coupled with exploration and encouragement to find your own unique views. The day moves along at an easy pace and is informal and relaxed.

At the end of the workshop, I aim to ensure you have a fun time, learned some new techniques and come away with some great images. I sincerely hope you can join me in this workshop!

Workshops are kept to a maximum of 3 photographers.



A digital (or film) camera and lens/lenses
Blank Digital Memory Cards 8GB and above recommended. (2x)
Film Stock if shooting in film (6-8 rolls)
Sturdy/waterproof footwear. Wellies may be essential at certain times.
Water/Windproof clothing. (Most workshops are in the winter months when the weather can be very cold)
Hat (most body heat is lost through the head)

Remote release/remote trigger
Solid and graduated neutral density filters (ND Filters). I recommend Cokin Z, Hitech or Lee ND Grads. A selection of soft and hard grad filters is best.
ND 3,6 & 9 soft and hard grads recommended

A sense of humour!