The Wee Hut

The Wee Hut
“The Wee Hut”

Shrouded in mystery for over 100 years, this little hut sits atop the Urlar Grouse moors in Highland Perthshire. No one knows it’s purpose and there are no historical records save for an old map. Having photographed this hut for the last two decades, and a relentless search to discover it’s purpose, I finally uncovered the mystery in 2012. When you buy this print, you will receive a sealed envelope that reveals the mystery. Whether you choose to unseal it or not is your choice.

This image is hand printed on Brilliant Museum grade Silver-gloss paper which contains a metallic like shimmer akin to the classic air-dried fiber papers of old. As with all my fine art edition prints, it is hand finished and air dried on a rack over 3-4 days to allow the print to acclimatise and breathe.

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