Storm Coming


Uibhist a Tuath (North Uist) – a bothy bathed in warm spring sunlight with an approaching snow squall moving in from the sea. This was one of those fleeting moments we get on the islands where the strong winds from the Atlantic ocean bring bursts of fierce, yet beautiful and dramatic weather systems. On the day I captured this old abandoned croft, the weather was remarkably mild when I ventured across the peat moor to compose the shot. But this is the islands, and being stood in the middle of a peat moor in spring with a camera on a tripod is tempting fate… And sure as fate would be, the clouds rolled in from the sea faster than I had figured and I was caught before I could pack up my tripod and make a dash for shelter. A ditch and my coat provided the shelter for the next 20 mins. Was it worth it?  Oh aye!

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