Pan Ha’ CD cover shoot

I love a challenge, I really do. “We need some pics for our CD covers and we like your style! Just go out an shoot something cool and landscapy”

When faced with a brief to use as much of your own creativity but carry through your own style, you can do one of two things…try and interpret the brief and overwork it or just go out and shoot as you normally would. I opted for the latter.

Tempting as it was to sit down with pen and paper and research all kinds of CD covers, I jumped in the landie and set off along the Fife coast to Pan Ha’ by Dysart. It’s a location I’ve photographed many times in the past 2-3 years and it’s one of those locations that can take on a look of a mythical rock-strewn seascape in one direction. In the other it takes on the look of the industry and housing styles.

Since I’d photographed the area many times, I chose to walk further than my usual spots in search of something slightly different. As I walked, I found a fair amount of debris washed up from the rubbish dumped by the many boats in the Firth or Forth. Things like safety helmets, discarded pieces of rope, gallon containers and the like. What I didn’t expect however was a wonderfully rusted ASDA shopping trolley! (I knew it was an ASDA type because of the green handles).

So…trolley at my disposal, I set about shooting a variety of compositions in the soft evening light before the rain that was forecast for the area headed my way. Whilst I was shooting, I had to be mindful that the image would need some negative space for text, so I had to imagine how, where and even how the colour of text would need to stand out against a dark or light sky.

Hope you enjoy and comments are always appreciated!

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