One Day Landscape Photography Course in Perthshire

Photography courses Perthshire Scotland – £350 per person

In this one day photography course in the heart of Scotland’s Perthshire, we cover three locations giving you the opportunity to capture some stunning scenery and test your skills in different landscapes. During the day, you will learn the techniques and methods I use to capture the drama of the landscape. I’ll show you the classic as well as the more unusual compositions that I adopt in my images. The day will be easy, relaxed and informal, and at a pace you are comfortable with.

Starting at Dunkeld, we will take a short walk along the River Braan to capture the pool and bridge at the famous Hermitage. We will cover long and short exposure photography and composition.

Our next stop will be towards the north Moulin moors where we will explore an old ruined cottage set against a backdrop of rolling hills and drystane dykes.

The day will close at the the quaint mesotrophic Drumore loch to capture the sun setting against the iconic boat house.

At the end of the day, you will have had a fun day, learned some new techniques and come away with some great images. I sincerely hope you can join me in this workshop!

(Note: Workshops are kept to a maximum of 3 people)



A digital (or film) camera and lens/lenses
Blank Digital Memory Cards 8GB and above recommended. (2x)
Film Stock if shooting in film (6-8 rolls)
Sturdy/waterproof footwear. Wellies may be essential at certain times.
Water/Windproof clothing. (Most workshops are in the winter months when the weather can be very cold)
Hat (most body heat is lost through the head)

Remote release/remote trigger
Solid and graduated neutral density filters (ND Filters). I recommend Cokin Z, Hitech or Lee ND Grads. A selection of soft and hard grad filters is best.
ND 3,6 & 9 soft and hard grads recommended

A sense of humour!