Film & Darkroom courses

I am a Scottish Landscape Photographer providing one day courses and weekend landscape photography workshops in the beautiful highlands and coastal regions of Scotland, as well as leading tours to locations in Europe’s iconic landscape regions.

I have 30 years experience in the field of landscape photography as well as 20 years experience as a photography tutor. I am head judge for the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year and lead the Edinburgh Photography group. I provide tuition for all levels from beginner to expert covering landscape, seascape and fine art long exposure photography. My specialist areas are forests, trees, near-far and minimalist (or zen) techniques.

Digital Photography Courses

I provide tuition on all aspects of digital photography from basic camera techniques to in-camera processing techniques to programming your own custom in-camera presets for creative techniques. I provide tuition on using graduated filters as well as techniques for long and very long exposures.

Film Photography Courses

I am one of the few people in the UK providing tuition on film photography, which is still very much alive. I am expert in black and white photography and provide tuition on everything from “seeing in black and white” to advanced technqiues using the zone system and developing black and white films. For colour work, I have over 30 years expertise in colour transparency and teach everything from capture to developing. I have a variety of film cameras for loan from 35mm street cameras to mediaum and large format. My large format courses include everything from basic camera use to Hinge Rule and Scheimpflug techniques.

Capture to print photography courses

I provide special one day “capture to print courses for both digital and film. These courses involve a morning learning basic techniques to capturing the image to final print. I have a variety of high end large format digital printers which can print to A2 and panorama sizes.

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