Dear Fujifilm…

…for more than 30 years I’ve been a loyal customer of yours. I’ve bought your film, I’ve bought your film cameras and when digital came along I bought your digital cameras. I’ve owned everything from your rangefinders and 617 to your bridge and x-cameras.

Do your respect photographers like me who have been loyal for all those years? No. You announced you will hike up your films by 20% and discontinue others, and this means you are trying to kill off film for once and for all – at a time when film is making a comeback.

I’ve heard all the arguments about if more people buy film then it will keep it alive but that is just bull. The power of large corporations like yourselves means that you could market film and create demand for it, because the power of marketing can keep things alive. But you choose not to. Instead, you disrespect your loyal customers and kill off the products we’ve loved for the past few decades.

I shoot a LOT of film. Almost 1-2 rolls a day, and maybe a box of sheet film a week. I have a large freezer full of Acros and Velvia that should last me for a few years but when the last roll is shot, I won’t buy another Fujifilm product ever again, and that means your digital cameras too. Any company that treats its loyal customers this way, does not deserve to have another penny of my money ever again.

I wish your competitors more success.

Thanks for your latest effort to kill of film for once and for all.

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