Intimate landscapes

 – holy grail or just pretentious waffle?

There’s a load of talk of late about something called the “intimate landscape”. It’s being epitomised by some “famous” photographer types and being hailed as the most difficult field to master. I’ve certainly met a few photographers recently who are talking about it as if it’s a holy grail and one well known photographer I’ve … Read more

Cost of digital vs film

Very often when I’m out and about shooting with my film cameras, passers by of all ages will come up to me and ask about my cameras. I’m always happy to talk about them and those that ask are always fascinated by the gear I’m using – especially by my large format of panoramic cameras. … Read more

Lee Big Stopper vs HiTech Firecrest IRND

When the Lee Big Stopper came out around 4 years ago, it took the photography world by storm. Incredibly positive reviews did the rounds followed by absurd waiting lists as demand outstripped supply, but for the early adopters amongst us, the Big Stopper meant new possibilities for photography and in my case, new possibilities for … Read more

Fuji Neopan Acros 100 exposure and development cheat sheet

Fuji Neopan Acros 100 is one of my favourite black and white films. It is a fine grained iso 100 film similar to Kodak T-Max or Ilford Delta, but why I like Fuji Acros so much is it’s excellent (low) reciprocity failure characteristics, making it superb for long exposures. Reciprocity In my experience, Acros needs no … Read more

Black and white photography tips for digital photographers

Black and white images are evocative and timeless in their appeal. Their absence of colour is like a magnet that draws you in to explore or question the image and may leave you with an impression of an era gone by. And if you think this only applies to old images taken on film then … Read more

Forest photography tips – finding compositions

Forests are brilliant places to capture great images, yet for many photographers they are challenging places and they often struggle to capture the essence of what they saw in their final images. In this article, I’ll show you a few simple techniques for capturing good compositions that can be used as a starting point to … Read more

What is the best lens for landscape photography?

Which is the best lens for landscape photography? This is the question I’ve been asked more than any other since I’ve been a landscape photographer. And it’s a question that’s hugely important because choosing the right lens will determine what you want to capture and will eventually define your style. In landscape photography, there’s a … Read more

Using lead in lines in composition

Lead in lines are a simple yet powerful technique to engage the viewer with your photos. They provide an easy path for the eye to follow and allow the viewer to go on a visual journey through the different points in your image. Lead in lines are all around us where ever you look in … Read more

Reciprocity Charts for Black and White Film

When shooting negative film, it is always better to err on the side of over-exposure and in low light, this means long exposures. However, when shooting film at exposures greater than 1 second, film is prone to something called “reciprocity failure” resulting in under-exposed images. Whilst your light meter is giving you the correct exposure … Read more

Simplifying Composition in Landscape Photography

If there is one thing I say to all students who attend my landscape photography workshops, it is – keep it simple. But keeping it simple seems to be one of the hardest thing for digital photographers to do. Let me explain. About 5 years ago, the majority of students attending my workshops would turn … Read more

Shooting snow scenes

If ever there was a time to capture winter wonderful landscape photographs in winter, it’s when there’s a blanket of crisp white snow covering the land, but it’s important to make sure you use the right techniques to capture snow scenes at their best. Which gear? As with any classic landscape, the aim is to … Read more