Why I won’t buy the new Kodak Ektachrome 100 film

If, like me, you shoot film, then you’ll no doubt have encountered the old “I thought film was dead” mantra. Well, whilst there’s no doubt that film took a nose dive with the uptake of digital cameras, it never died as many have believed. Dedicated film shooters like myself have kept film alive (35 years … Read more

Owning the view

I read a couple of things on social media recently that struck a chord with me.  The first was by an amateur photographer who posted one of their images online, but was concerned it had been an inadvertant capture of another photographer’s work. The second, was by writer who was put off writing articles on photography … Read more

Intimate landscapes

 – holy grail or just pretentious waffle?

There’s a load of talk of late about something called the “intimate landscape”. It’s being epitomised by some “famous” photographer types and being hailed as the most difficult field to master. I’ve certainly met a few photographers recently who are talking about it as if it’s a holy grail and one well known photographer I’ve … Read more

Intentional camera what?

When I do workshops or one-to-ones, I always ask the clients if there are any techniques they want me to teach. I’ve always thought that I knew most techniques, and I’d at least tried all the techniques you could possibly think of, but I was stumped recently when I was asked to teach something called … Read more

Dear Fujifilm…

…for more than 30 years I’ve been a loyal customer of yours. I’ve bought your film, I’ve bought your film cameras and when digital came along I bought your digital cameras. I’ve owned everything from your rangefinders and 617 to your bridge and x-cameras. Do your respect photographers like me who have been loyal for … Read more

Photography Ninjas and Masters of the Universe

When it comes to the photography community, I’ve never been one to follow what goes on and I really haven’t got a clue who’s who in the current photography world. I’ve been a landscape photographer for over 30 years but until recently, I’d only ever owned one photographer’s book, but I have bought lots of … Read more

The trials and tribulations of launching the SLPOTY

[I recently did an interview for the Herald Magazine about the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. In this blog post I expand on the article.] I’m not a famous photographer, and I’ve never sought the limelight, but since launching the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition I’ve found myself kind of thrown … Read more

Vandals and drunk campers strike at iconic beauty spot

I write this with a mixture of heavy heart, sadness and disgust at the act of vandalism I have just witnessed at a breathtaking and unspoilt location on the banks of Loch Doine.  An iconic view has been ruined forever. I’m not exactly sure when I first started photographing this tree, but I’ve been coming … Read more

The Joe Cornish Boulder (JCB)

I’ve just come back from my weekend workshop in Glencoe where I had the pleasure of teaching a wonderful group of photographers. Their enthusiasm was infectious. Along the way we had some great light, some pleasant weather and as you might expect, a few meetings with the landscape papparazzi. What I’d like to share with … Read more