Balquidder Ash

Balquidder Ash
“Balquidder Ash”

This tree has been my labour of love and an image that is uniquely my own. No other photographer has captured this tree and for 30 years it has been a personal study. I have captured it in all weathers, set against the backdrop of the Balquidder hills, which are the resting place of Rob Roy.

The location has been a sanctuary for me with the tree as my silent companion. Sadly, in 2014 I witnessed its demise and all that is left is the memory in my photographs. It is a very special image to me and you are buying a special landscape like no other.

This is a limited edition of 35, printed on Brilliant Museum grade Silver-gloss paper with a soft metallic-like shimmer akin to the classic air-dried fiber papers of old. As with all my fine art edition prints, it is hand finished and air dried on a rack over 3-4 days to allow the print to acclimatise and breathe.

This is my first release in print of this image and as print availability reduces, prices will increase.

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