I was born in 1965 and I’m the eldest of four children. My father, a coal merchant, was from West Lothian and my mother was the daughter of a Clyde Valley tomato farmer. I grew up working hard on both the farm and my father’s coal yard. (I have never liked tomatoes.)

I currently live in a small village in West Fife

From an early age, I had always shown a desire and aptitude for all things art, music and science,. This has no doubt been the reason behind the path I chose in my career and hobbies. Being proudly Scottish, I took up the pipes earning grade 1 status and winning many championships and accolades with the world famous Boghall & Bathgate Pipe band. Career-wise, I graduated in Engineering & Physics and worked in the Semiconductor Industry before starting my own business in 1998. I am a keen trout fisherman and have fished all over the lochs of Scotland. I am also a part time lecturer in multimedia and Photoshop. I founded and run the Edinburgh Snappers Photography Group.

My photography interest began seriously in 1987 when I bought a second hand Canon A1 camera whilst at University. In my free time, I would regularly go out and document street life in Glasgow. My street photography was soon noticed and I was offered the position of “Student Union photographer”.  I was tasked with covering the political demonstrations of the day as well as covering sports tournaments around campus. As my skills developed, I found myself seeking new challenges outside the city and I became greater friends with the wilderness. And so my passion for the landscape was ignited.

When I started my first job, I was then able to afford exciting film stock like Kodachrome. I was also able to upgrade my battered old A1 and buy new lenses. With my new gear,  every spare minute of my time was devoted to capturing the stunning landscapes around Perthshire and the West Coast of Scotland  (whilst, catching the odd trout for supper).

My photography however, came to an abrupt stop one day when I returned home from work to find my flat burgled, all my camera equipment stolen and many of my images ruined in the upturned mess. From that day, I lost all enthusiasm for photography and I never took a single photograph again for the next 5-6 years. My passion however, was reignited when I bought a cheap disposable panorama camera to take to a party one day and I’ve never stopped clicking since.

Working in the semiconductor industry, I was an early adopter of digital photography, but it never found its way into my personal photography until some years later when Canon produced the remarkable 5D. Whilst I have and always will love film and slide, I now shoot mostly in the digital 35mm format.

As I’ve gotten older, my passion for the wilderness deepens and I appreciate the landscape in more than I thought was ever possible. Photography allows me to get closer to nature and capture all its beauty as it unfolds.

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